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Have any comment, criticism, or suggestion to make on how I play T3-M4? This is the spot. Anon is on, IP is off, comments are screened.

Nicknames and Relationships


Timmy - MOMO
Mr. Deet - Rika
Robo-Kun - Haruhi


MOMO - Polite Realian who evaded the assassination game along with T3. Her extremely human appearance and functions are intriguing to T3, as he's never seen anything like that before.

Quote - A "robot from the surface" who is able to understand droidspeak, much to T3's relief after weeks of having to communicate via chimes, pantomime, and notepad. He was able to obtain a telephone for T3's tinkering to build a communication device.

Alphonse Elric - A human soul in a suit of armor; he is nevertheless (technically) a mechanical by T3's definition and seems to be a decent sort.

Iris Hawthorne - The "mother" of the household. She's nice and doesn't treat him like an object, so she's all right as far as T3 is concerned.

Curious and / or Wary

Rika - A young human female who seems very childlike and sweet, but whose private entries seem to show a different side to her.


Marco - T3 managed to slice his entry after the assasination game in which he displayed a complete disregard for mechanical life... and seemed more annoyed than embarrassed when T3 confronted him. Now a drone.


[After having taken apart and reassembled the communication device that Tony built for him, T3 is now busy working on a short-range communication network independent from the phone lines. Which means that it's scrounging time again!

He's humming inconspicuously as he rolls down the street. If your radio isn't working today, well, he paid a visit in the night.

At the moment, he's probably being a BAD DOG and rummaging through your trashcan for anything useful, or on the way to rummage through someone else's. Most of the stuff in there is organic but hey, you never know.]

[ooc: So T3's raided three houses in the night--if you'd like to say it was your family's, feel free. He's pretty much gone into the back of the radio and ripped out anything of use--quietly. Bad, bad dog.

Of course if you want to catch him in the act, that's fine too. XD]


[T3 has, during the night, attempted to break into the store by picking the lock and then zapping it with his shock arm, as well as trying to smash down the door. All unsuccessful.

Having given that up, he's managed to lethally zap a few sparrows and has left them on the doorstep of his house as well, as well as MOMO's. He's currently roaming around town looking for more small animal life to harvest, although he'll stop once the sun is fully up to avoid detection.

Also, all the garbage cans in town have been knocked over. Unfortunately they all proved empty, or he'd have left whatever organic matter was in them on people's floors.]


[T3 rolls out of his doghouse to find that the yard is covered in snow. Horribly dismayed chiming and moving around the yard in confusion. This unit is not programmed with knowledge of meteorology, but is fairly sure that this is not what weather should be like.

When he gets in the house he spins in a small, tight circle to get the snow off of him and analyzes the message on the answering machine.

Oh-ho. Now isn't that interesting.]

[ooc: feel free to notice T3 outside or inside!]


[There is a loud ZIIIISH and a flash of blue light in the garage. Up rolls the door and T3 rolls away from the rope, a small on his head retracting and clicking back into place. T3 is almost humming as he chimes along. Things are looking up today!

But not for the lawnmower. There's a strong metallic smell and a few wisps of smoke curling up from it inside the garage. Yeah, that thing is toast.]


[Now that there are no more drones living in the house, T3 is starting to take apart the television set and move the pieces out to the doghouse. At night, of course. There are some interesting noises coming from within the doghouse as the sun comes up before he comes out with some satisfied chimes to go look for some radio equipment he can liberate tonight. Mostly it's just things he think may be useful to build a transmitter--decidedly in the tinkering stage.]


[Is not following this order. This unit is not an assassin droid! And this "Mayor" is NOT his master, so there's no reason to follow his instructions anyway. Will not be killing anyone. Of course the news that someone is after this unit is disconcerting, but is quite confident that he would be able to prevent them from doing so. They are mostly humans and this unit is a significantly heavy metal object capable of moving at high speed.

Meanwhile is looking for MOMO. Mechanicals have to stick together in times like this.]


[...Wait. This is not the Ebon Hawk. Rolls out of the strange wooden hutch onto the grass, making questioning chimes. The Jedi Exile doesn't seem to be here... right. Unfamiliar planet. Did the Hawk crash again? That would not account for his location, however. The hutch is not a repair station, and there are no restraints or restraining bolts, so if this is theft it is not a typical one.

Well here is a building. Rolls up to the door and... it's not electronically operated. No way to slice it open through the computer then. Extends manipulator arm and starts trying to pick the lock manually
, making quiet, distressed chiming noises. This is very, very bad indeed.]

[ooc: T3 'woke up' in a doghouse outside 506 Ricardo Street and is now trying to break into his own house. Feel free to notice :P ]